10 best plants for sunny balcony garden

Have you been looking for the best plants for sunny balcony garden?

What are the best plants for a sunny balcony garden? Here are the best 10 Plants for a sunny balcony garden:

  1. Succulents
  2. Petunia
  3. Blanket Flowers
  4. Daisies
  5. Pansies
  6. Ageratum
  7. Verbena
  8. Aloe Vera
  9. Bougainvillea
  10. Jasmine Plant

Well, choosing a plant for your balcony garden isn’t the toughest job it may look like. But may also not be the easiest if you have specific needs. You already know that you will need plants that need a good amount of sunlight to grow and thrive in such conditions if you are looking to grow plants on a balcony.

In fact, some balcony gardens do not even have ample sunlight that makes the flowers and plants difficult to grow. So, you need to make sure that you have selected the right plant for a sunny balcony with ample watered soil. Here are some of the plants good for balcony gardens.

Best Plants for sunny balcony garden

1. Succulents

The very first plant that comes into our mind while we think of sun-loving plants for the balcony, it has to be Succulents.

These are hassle-free plant species that require the least maintenance and water in the soil. Well, it surely does need a good amount of sunlight on them during the daytime reaching your balcony garden.

Succulents are also known to be water preserving plants since they store water for them when in need and grows well at high temperatures especially during the summers

These are the best plants for sunny balcony garden.

best plants for sunny balcony garden

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2. Petunia

Petunia is a species of plants or flowers available in multiple colors that can survive in typically very harsh conditions and hot climates. It cultivates beautiful flowers that will make your garden even more beautiful especially during hot and humid weather.

In fact, they are known to need at least five hours of sunlight to grow in perfect shape and color.

Furthermore, you only need to provide them water once a week. It is advisable to keep petunia plants in a hanging basket as they seem to retain more water than usual pots.

Petunia plants for sunny balcony garden

3. Blanket Flowers

Blanket Flowers or Gaillardia are known as heat-loving plants since they need full exposure to sunlight for healthy breeding. They are super easy to grow and live a short life span. The flowers that grow in them have daisy-like flowers but look ever more beautiful.

They can handle a little amount of shade but if you need to get the best result make sure it gets complete sunlight during the hot weather. Furthermore, you should water the plants adequately till they flower and after that make it once per week.

Blanket Flowers plants for sunny balcony garden
Blanket Flowers

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4. Daisies

Daisy plants are the most obvious choice to decorate your balcony garden giving it the perfect look you are looking for. But is it a sun-loving plant? Yes, indeed they are. Daisies require full sunlight to partial shade for good flowering.

The colors that you will see once the flowers grow are mostly white with yellow in the middle but sometimes they run to pink as well. Make sure you water the plants as soon as you find the upper portion of the soil dry due to sunlight.

Daisies plants for sunny balcony garden

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5. Pansies

Pansies are one of the most popular plants that grow beautifully in gardens and have multiple colors. These are annual plants but tend to grow themselves through seeds.

Pansies are small-sighted plants and can get squeezed between the rocks or due to the excess pressure of water can be destroyed. So, it is easy to grow them but needs good care.

Not too tall to grow and last as long as 8-12 inches wide. Some of the colors that you will find them growing are blue, lavender, purple, red, orange, bronze, yellow, and white.

Pansies plants for sunny balcony garden

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6. Ageratum

Ageratum also known as Blue Flowers is the best choice if you are looking to grow plants in a pot. These plants are excellent for your garden balcony since they need direct sunlight for hours and grow best in hot weather. Blue Flowers are very easy to grow and require minimal care.

If you are a beginner at gardening, well this plant can be the one that you start with. Not only will it be easier for you but also add a good look to your balcony.

Once you have planted the seeds, the pot will need water regularly until the flowers have blossomed.

Ageratum plants for sunny balcony garden

7. Verbena

Verbena is a densely populated plant that is capable of growing small flowers in a bunch. The flowers bloom in multiple shades of colors i.e. red, purple, white, blue, and pink. Also, many have claimed that the plants do not require a lot of care, but that is indeed not true.

It requires constant care or at least you need to check it up every day. Verbena requires a good six hours of sunlight for healthy growth, along with good well-drained soil. But make sure you do not overwater the plants since they can rot due to excess water drainage.

Verbena plants for sunny balcony garden

8. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the most common sets of plants that you will find in most of the gardens at people’s homes. These have huge medicinal benefits and also tend to keep the air clean. It is even easier to harvest the Aloe Vera plant since they need sunlight for hours that help them grow.

These are more of a desert succulent and will need a good amount of sunlight all day long. Make sure you water the plants once or twice every two weeks and wait until it dries up before you water again.

Aloe Vera plants for sunny balcony garden
Aloe Vera

9. Bougainvillea

These plants are highly beautiful and bring a fresh new look to your balcony garden. You can either grow them in large pots or containers, but they gain good height and may need to be tied down if you do not want them hanging out.

The leaves are more heart-shaped and gain vertical heights. You will find multiple colors of these flowers such as shades of pink colors, purple, white, etc that will bring a picturesque beauty to your garden.

These plants need an ample amount of sunlight and mostly bloom during warm climate conditions. In fact, you do not need to water them quite often as they are drought tolerant.

But in hot weather, you may need to water them more often but not too much as the leaves could simply fall off.

Bougainvillea plants for sunny balcony garden
bougainvillea flowers

10. Jasmine Plant

Jasmine flowers or plants are known for bringing exquisite smell and view to the home garden. It tends to freshen up the atmosphere if you are thinking of growing them on your balcony.

These are more of a vine and bushes than just regular small flowers. In fact, they have good herbal properties as well for making tea and also for medicines of certain diseases.

Jasmine plants grow well in warm and sheltered areas which is why it will be perfect for your balcony garden. Make sure you take good care of such plants as they early train and fertilize twice daily.

Jasmine Plant for sunny balcony garden
Jasmine Plant

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Final Words

No matter the plants that you choose for your balcony garden. It needs good care and understanding each plant’s needs is a must. Make sure you read about every plant that you choose to grow on your balcony garden and provide them with ample water.

We have listed about ten best plants for sunny balcony that need the least maintenance and will grow perfectly well in hot temperatures especially during the summers. Also, during hot climates, the plants may dry up pretty fast hence you may have to water them more frequently than ever. Also, it is advisable that you do not overwater them or they may leave flowers and tend to rot if the water does not drain out.

If you already have planted some good plants or flowers in your balcony garden, do share your experience such that others may benefit from it as well. We would love to know your feedback and stories as well.