Top 10 Best low maintenance plants for balcony garden

If you are a beginner looking to start a balcony garden in your apartment or your home, here is an excellent tip for you. You should start off with planting low maintenance plants that are easy to take care of. This will help you to know the best low maintenance plants for balcony garden.

There are tons of varieties of low maintenance plants that you can grow in your balcony garden. It can be a fruit, vegetable, herbs, flowers, etc. Some of them act as an excellent air freshener, one that cleans your air, some may give fragrance while others may be edible.

Such plants need very little time to grow and also do not need constant care from you. However, they still require that you check up on them so that they do not die.

Let us simply jump on with the list of low maintenance plants for the balcony garden.

10 Best Low maintenance plants for the balcony garden

1. Jade Plant

Jade is a succulent plant that is known to be one of the easiest plants to maintain. You will find it in offices, balconies, indoors, etc. These are very small in structure and take very little space in your small garden.

All you need to take care of is providing them with enough water every single day. Yes, it is true that Jade plants need water and quite enough to make sure they are not dried out especially during summer.

Sunset Jade Plant - Crassula - Easy to Grow House Plant - 4" Pot

Moreover, such plants need full sunlight so you will have to put them up on the right spot in your balcony garden. Well, you do not need to add fertilizers every month but at least once per six months, would be sufficient. Since these are very small plants so don’t add too much of it.

The Jade plant is one of the best low maintenance plants for balcony.

2. Aloe Vera

Well, Aloe Vera is one of the most widely grown plants all over the world. We have another succulent here that does not need a lot of water. This plant has similar conditions to that of cactus and thus you can easily plant them in soil mixture used for cactus plants.

Also, make sure that the pot or the container has a good number of drainage holes in them since Aloe Vera cannot withstand standing water.

Live Aloe Vera Succulent Aloe Barbadensis 8"-12"+ Aloe in 3.5" Pot

You can simply water the plant as per need and let the soIl be moist but not too much of it. These plants too need a lot of sunlight for at least 5-6 hours a day.

Moreover, you need not fertilize it quite often to grow. Aloe Vera has a great number of benefits, especially for medical purposes.

3. Spider Plant

Spider plant looks perfectly amazing with green leaves with a shade of white in the middle. You can easily grow it in a pot or even a hanging basket would do just fine. These plants are very delicate when it comes to giving sunlight.

They need moderate to indirect sunlight since direct light can burn the leaves. If you are going to grow them in a pot make sure to give them a good amount of water.

Ocean Spider Plant - Easy to Grow - Cleans The Air - New - 3 Pack

They certainly do not want to be left too dry or too wet. Simply let the soil be moist perfectly well and have a good drainage pot to let the excess water drain out.

Furthermore, you may have to repot the plant since they grow really fast. Also, these can be grown all year long but keep them away from too much sun during summers.

4. Basil

Well, basil is found in every household especially in India. You can use it in your food and also it has several health benefits. Growing basil plants is not a tough job but rather the easiest of them all.

You can either grow it on your balcony or inside your home too. Since it needs a lot of sunlight we will always recommend placing the pot where you can get at least 5-6 hours of sunlight every day.

Click and Grow Smart Garden 3 Indoor Herb Garden (Includes Basil Plant Pods), Grey

Use a container or a pot and add the perfect soil mixture. Make sure to water the plant every day to keep the soil moist. Also, the pot should have holes in them such that the excess water can drain out.

These plants grow a lot within days so it is always better to prune them from time to time so that the plant can continue to grow.

5. Snake Plant

Snake plants are somewhat similar to spider plants. The leaves are free in colors and take the shape of a freely standing snake or somewhat similar to it, to say the least. There are not a lot of things that you need to consider while growing the snake plant.

These are known for being a very popular houseplant that means it does not need a lot of sunlight and can thrive in any condition easily.

Costa Farms Snake Plant, Sansevieria laurentii, Live Indoor Plant, 2 to 3-Feet Tall, Ships in Grow Pot, Fresh From Our Farm, Excellent Gift

You can choose to water the plant very less i.e. around 3-4 times a week only as too much seems to rot the plant. This is the reason why it is absolutely necessary the pot has drainage holes to let the excess water out.

It is scientifically proven that Snake plants are great since they tend to clean the air in your home.

6. Peace Lily

Peace Lily is a beautiful house plant that you can grow inside your home or on your balcony. Similar to what we have learned about the Snake plants, these too have the tendency to clean the air around you.

Furthermore, you can use them to decorate your home by planting them in a designer pot. The leaves are dark green in color and the yellow flower is covered around by a white leaf.

Costa Farms Spathiphyllum Peace Lily Live Indoor Plant, 15-Inch, White-Natural Décor Planter

Since you can easily grow them inside your home they need medium to low sunlight. Surely, they can flourish in direct sunlight as well but it may not be possible if they are inside the home.

Furthermore, make sure you never overwater the plant. If you are unsure of the water you are providing the soil, you can also put a lesser amount of water every day since they are okay with underwatering than overwatering.

7. Begonia

Such plants are annual in nature which means they flourish all year long. Begonia plants are also known as Wax Begonia or bedding Begonias. They produce beautiful flowers that add picturesque beauty to your balcony garden.

Also, Begonia can grow in full sunlight for hours every day. But make sure that they also get shade as well especially during the summer season since too much heat can burn the leaves.

Waterbourn Live Begonia Maculata Wightii, Angel Wing, Polka Dot House Plant in 6” (1.4qt) White or Black Ceramic Pot

Watering the plants is the key element. Low-maintenance plants generally do not need a lot of water to grow. You can simply let the soil be moist and not too wet. Wait for them to dry before you water them again.

Another important aspect is that they grow very fast and bud flowers in large combinations, You may want to prune them time-to-time so that they can bloom well.

8. Rubber Plant

Well, a lot of people also tend to keep the rubber plant in their homes. They can grow as high as 50 feet in height but then you can maintain them very easily if take things into consideration properly.

If you are planning to keep it on your balcony, choose a location where there is no direct sunlight. Or else keep the pot near a window where they can get sunlight but not directly.

Burgundy Rubber Tree Plant - Ficus - an Old Favorite - 6" Pot

In their growing season, they will need water every day but only to keep the soil moist. It is better to water the soil only and wipe off the droplets from the leaves.

Overwatering them can make the leaves rot and turn yellow. Also, during the dormant season, watering them once or twice every month would be enough.

9. Ponytail Palm

Well, you must be wondering if this is a palm tree. Ponytail Palm tree is basically a succulent that can be easily grown in a pot or a container and be kept as a houseplant.

Once you have a look at it, you will see the huge trunk where all the water is stored and the hair-like leaves growing from it with a structure like a ponytail, hence the name of the plant.

As we mentioned this is succulent and they love semi-dry conditions. They would love to grow in bright sunlight but also flourish if kept in medium to low light conditions.

Costa Farms Ponytail Palm Bonsai, Live Indoor Plant, 15 to 20-Inches Tall, Ships in Scheurich Ceramic Planter, Fresh From Our Farm, Excellent Gift or Home Décor

Only water them when the soil is completely dry. The trunk stores water and they can go without water for a few days.

So, just let the soil be moist only and that would suffice the need of water to grow. Furthermore, plant them in well-drained pots so that any excess water can seep out.

10. ZZ Plant

Ever heard of ZZ Plant? Well, some of you may not have yet but this is an excellent low-maintenance plant for a balcony garden. In fact, this is one of those plants that can live without water for months and still flourish in the best condition.

You will find this in huge pots in malls, a large complex, markets, etc. Your house will look great with smaller ports planted with ZZ Plant.

The stems of this plant start off very thick from the roots but gradually thins out. It has dark green leaves that are oval-shaped and the stems are filled with it at perfect intervals. A first look at the leaves gives it a shiny look that resembles plastic.

Costa Farms ZZ Zamioculcas zamiifolia, Indoor Plant, 12-Inch Tall, White-Natural Décor Planter

You can even be compelled to think that this may be indeed not real but artificial. Keep it in any light conditions and water them only when needed.

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Final Thoughts

These are only a few of the many plants that you will come across when thinking of growing low maintenance houseplants.

If you are a beginner you can simply start with these plants listed above for your balcony. You can learn to take good care of them in the best manner and then look up to bringing more such plants to create a full-fledged garden. 

Also, if you are not sure about the watering aspect of these plants, make sure to water them moderately so that there is no harm to the roots. Most of them require very little water just to keep the soil moist.

Add fertilizers once a month to keep them healthy and have consistent growth.

Furthermore, if you encounter any issues and have difficulty with their growth, let us know about your queries. I hope this blog helps you to know the best low maintenance plants for balcony.