13 Best balcony garden plants in 2021

If you love plants and have been thinking of setting up a balcony garden this year, well you are in the right place. You should also know that taking care of plants is not an easy task and they need constant care. So, make up your mind before you are thinking of buying the best balcony garden plants.

What are the best balcony garden plants? Here is the list of top 13 best balcony garden plants: 1. Pansy, 2. Petunia, 3. Marigold, 4. Verbena, 5. Hibiscus, 6. Snake Plant, 7. Morning Glory, 8. Money Plant, 9. Indian Basil (Tulsi), 10. Jade Plant, 11. Aloe Vera, 12. New Guinea Impatiens, 13. Sweet Alyssum

To set up a garden on the balcony you need to take care of a few things. The plants must receive ample sunlight and air during the day.

Also, every plant has different requirements, some may need extensive sunlight or some may not. Hence, it is recommended to read about the plants properly before setting them up at your home.

Furthermore, make sure that all your plants are placed in a proper pot with proper drain holes in them. Never overwater the plants, this is something that not many pay attention to. These are some of the major things that need your attention.

Let us get back to the best plants for balcony gardens at your home.

Top 13 balcony garden plants in 2021

Check out the balcony garden plants that are easy to grow.

1. Pansy

Pansies are the most beautiful small plants to grow on your balcony. These are hybrid plants especially cultivated as garden flowers or plants. They are available in a variety of colors and such as white, yellow, purple, or blue.

You can grow these plants in a small pot or even a box since they only grow as long as 23cm in height. Make sure you do not put it in direct sunlight as they can easily grow well with minimal light on them.

balcony garden plants
which plant is best for balcony: Pansy

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2. Petunia

You may have come across petunia plants or might have seen them in various gardens. Petunia is flowering plants and available in different colors, sizes, and even architecture. These flowers are known to withstand harsh climate conditions and heat.

So, they would need a good amount of sunlight and may not grow the best during the winter season. Since you are using this plant for the balcony garden, ample water would be required for growth.

balcony garden plants
balcony garden plants

3. Marigold

Marigold is very popular and one of the most recommended plants for balcony gardens. These plants grow annually all throughout the year and need the least maintenance.

Without hybrid quality, they can bloom in natural colors such as yellow, orange, golden, white, and have even a small touch of maroon color.

Marigolds are known to be pest repellents, so it will be excellent to grow them on your balcony.

Top plants for balcony garden
good balcony garden plants

4. Verbena

Verbena plants are known for their small size yet depicting picturesque beauty. Each flower generally grows with five petals and has dense growth of spikes on their stems.

You may find multiple colors of this flower such as red, white, pink, purple, or even shades of blow at times. Some tend to believe and it also has been used for medicinal purposes.

Verbena needs good size hours of sunlight each day with well-drained soil. Do not overwater the plant but also make sure that it is watered enough every day.

low maintenance balcony garden plants
balcony garden plant

5. Hibiscus

Hibiscus is yet another excellent plant species that you can consider to grow in your garden balcony. There are 100’s of species available with different heights, climates, color, and a lot more. It can be a little tricky to take care of these plants since they may or may not grow big in size.

There are multiple uses that Hibiscus is put to especially for making tea. They will need a large amount of water while blooming especially during summer while in winter water the plants only when the soil is dry.

balcony garden indoor plants
balcony garden indoor plants

6. Snake Plant

Snake Plants have the greatest benefits since it is known to be used indoor for cleansing air quality. These plants can grow very big in size so you will need a larger pot for this so that the roots can hold on to.

Furthermore, this plant needs very low care and can survive in minimal sunlight too. In fact, no matter the weather do not excess water the plants. It can rot the soil or the roots and stop the plants from growing further.

best balcony garden plants
best balcony garden plants

7. Morning Glory

Morning Glory is a famous flowering plant that blooms the best in the morning. These flowers need a good amount of sunlight throughout the day and even proper watered soil to grow more. Since you already know now that it needs sunlight so make sure it is safe during harsh winter.

Moreover, you do not need to water the plants all the time. All you need to do is simply water the plants once a week.

best plants for balcony
best plants for balcony

8. Money Plant

Money plant is the most common plant that you may find in most of the balcony gardens as well on the field as well. This plant is known to be beneficial for cleansing the air and removing pollutants. As far as we know, it needs the least maintenance and works perfectly well even in minimal sunlight.

They would need some support against the wall since they do grow a lot. It also needs good moist soil and you will have to water it once a week.

9. Indian Basil (Tulsi)

In India, every household has plants for Basil or Tulsi leaves. Not only it has medical properties but also used for extracting oil from it carefully. People all over the country have religious attachments to this particular plant and preach the plant on various occasions.

Other than this, you can easily grow it in your garden balcony and enjoy the many benefits of this plant. Moreover, people put the leaves to treat certain ailments and also use them to repel insects.

best plants for balcony garden
best plants for balcony garden

10. Jade Plant

Jade Plant is commonly known as household plants all over the world. In fact, it has been given some significant other names as well such as lucky plant, money plant or money tree. This is a succulent species of plants that grow small white or pink flowers giving out picturesque beauty to your garden.

These plants can be planted in small pots and need very low maintenance. Furthermore, it needs little water and grows perfectly well in indoor conditions.

best flower plants for balcony garden
balcony garden plants

11. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is yet another succulents plant species that is grown mainly for agricultural and medicinal purposes. You can easily use the plant for the balcony garden since it grows perfectly well indoors. These plants are short-stemmed but very thick and fleshy in nature.

Aloe Vera as you may have heard or even used on your skin is popular for its skincare properties. It is claimed that the plant’s extract is found in skin lotion, cosmetics, or ointments for minor burns and sunburns.

Aloe Vera plants for balcony garden
best plants for balcony garden

12. New Guinea Impatiens

New Guinea Impatiens are beautiful species of flowers that bloom perfectly well in broad sunlight and ample amounts of water. If you are looking for some pretty options for your balcony garden, you can choose to plant these in your home.

In fact, you will find multi-colored options when they bloom. These plants need very low maintenance throughout the year but give excellent results.

One important aspect that you need to keep in mind is that these plants need regular water or else they will not bloom properly.

best flower plants for balcony garden
best flower plants for balcony garden

13. Sweet Alyssum

Balcony Gardens need smaller plants that need the least maintenance but blooms beautifully all over the year. Sweet Alyssum is a small plant that grows only up-t0 3-6 inches tall and gives out very small clusters of flowers.

They are available in multiple colors such as pink, white, salmon, pink, and yellow. You need to make sure to put adequate water in the plants or they will dry out.

best flower plants for balcony garden
best flower plants for balcony garden

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Final Words

These are some of the most popular plant species that are grown in balcony gardens. Not all plants you will come across can survive indoor weather. It is advisable to stick to the list as mentioned above as we have reviewed them very carefully with ease. All the plants need very low maintenance and can grow in very low light as well.

Apart from these, we have tons of other options too, but it will only confuse you while you choose the best balcony garden plants. So, we have curated this list with only 13 such plants. Make sure you give them water as per the amount mentioned or they might die. Take good care of the plants!!