Benefits of container gardening [18 benefits]

Container gardening means growing plants in containers or pots instead of your garden ground. They are an amazing replacement for ground gardening and also very fun to work at. Here we will check the benefits of container gardening.

You can work with containers in many ways and take your creativity to the next level. You can play around and use many varieties of containers.

For instance, you can use pots made up of ceramic, terracotta, or even plastic pots for containers. Not only that but you can also use old wine boxes, old wooden barrels, old paint buckets, and old tubs or any such thing for your matter.

When talking about container gardening it is all up to your creative skills to try with all kinds of varieties, designs, and colors of containers and pots. You can create a beautiful balcony garden with the arrangement of your containers.

You can also make use of hanging pots and add to the beauty of your garden. You can make a pond garden with a container and create a tiny pond-like look for your garden as well.

Containers are used for growing all kinds of plants whether you are planting edible plants or just flowering ornamental plants. In all parts of the world including America, containers are widely used for planting.

People have mastered the art of creating beautiful and unique gardens of all kinds and in all sizes be it large gardens or just a balcony garden or even a window garden or even a tiny shelf garden for that matter.

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As exciting as it is to build your own garden I want to encourage you for that. So, here I am to tell you about some of the many benefits of container gardening. Let’s get started.

Benefits of container gardening

I hope that after knowing the benefits of container gardening you will be fueled to start with your own container gardening right away. Let’s see the advantages of organic gardening.

1. Beginner-friendly

Container gardens are extremely beginner-friendly for a lot of reasons. If you are a beginner you may have that tiny little doubt somewhere in your mind that what if the plants don’t do so well and what if they perish.

When such a thing happens and plants perish in your garden grounds, you have to generally patch the lawn, and then also you have to reseed the lawn. 

But while growing plants in a container if at all such things happen you won’t have to do any such thing. You can simply take out the dead plant and start to prepare for the next one.

2. You can start container gardening from anywhere

You don’t need a big space to create a garden or lawn and then do the planting. You can start container gardening anywhere.

Be it your balcony, windows, your courtyard, rooftop any kind of place in your home or out of your home can be used for adding some containers. You don’t have to necessarily long for a big garden ground to start gardening in fact you can start right in the place you have.

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3. Space is not an issue for container gardens

Many of us have this complaint or rather an issue that we don’t have a lawn or a yard and therefore we are unable to do any gardening. This is not a problem anymore because you don’t necessarily require any big lawn to grow plants.

Also these days you can get hold of some racks and use them to put on lots of containers vertically on the racks even.

You can use containers of any variety for your window or balcony or anywhere indoors. There are different kinds of plants that have different light requirements even. So you can choose plants according to their light requirements and choose the spot in your existing apartment. 

Modern town setup apartments in America are comparatively smaller and it is not necessary that you have lawn-like spaces. Therefore your lack of space should not be a constraint for growing plants.

You can use different spots in your house and manage your gardening beautifully. Also, you can even Grow more than one plant in the same pot. A container is the best way to solve the lack of space issues beautifully and effectively.

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4. You can Grow a large variety of plants of your choice

Container gardening gives you the liberty to choose as many kinds and varieties of plants as you want. Be it vegetable plants both root plants and leafy fruit giving plants, or even flowering plants of any and as many varieties as you want. There is no set rule or restriction. Different kinds of plants have different soil requirements. 

You can choose the soil requirement and use a container for one type of soil and another for another kind of soil and so on as many as you want. You can also choose different color combinations of different plants to grow in different or the same containers.

It really is all dependent on your will and creativity to use as many varieties and colors of plants as you want for your container garden.

5. It makes it easier to move the plants

Whenever you feel like moving the plant from one location to the other or even the plants have a requirement to change the conditions and moving them is required, you can easily and simply move the pot. You don’t have to move the whole lawn or yard which is not even possible.

In case the container gets a little heavy for you to pick up or move for example if you are using ceramic or terracotta containers then you can add tiny racks or trays with wheels and then you don’t have to handpick them even to move. 

You can simply drag the wheels to move around the plants at your own comfort or to meet the requirements of the plant be it sunny or shady or protection from heavy rain. Also, you can move the plants according to the season requirement.

During the frost seasons in the USA, you can shift your plants from your balcony indoors to protect the plant from frost and give it the warmth of your some. Similarly, during summers you can shift it outside again.

In addition to that, in an Urban setup, you sometimes have to change houses and shift to a different house. It becomes very easy to move your plants from one house to another even when you are moving out of a house and moving in another.

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6. It adds to the beauty of your Interior

You can completely change and renew the interior setting of your home using container gardening. Container gardening gives you the freedom to boost your creative skills by using as many colors and designs and their arrangements as you can.

It also gives you the freedom to use as many types of plants well suited to enhance your interior setup and your personality. They can be matching your interior space or can be in contrast, whatever color scheme you like. 

You can use some container plants to decorate the entrance of your home, your drawing room, your kitchen, your bedroom, and even your bathroom. When you are growing herbs you can either plant them in your kitchen if it suits the plant requirements or you can plant it anywhere close to your kitchen to make it easy for you to fetch.

Adding plants gives your house a positive setup and enhances the vibrations of your house giving it a calming cooling effect. It makes your home welcoming and makes the environment soothing.

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7. They are pocket friendly

Container gardening is a pocket-friendly option. In case you are not so sure about your gardening skills and you don’t want to spend much money on it, container gardening is the best option for you. Containers as we know now come in all size shapes and forms. 

You can choose from a range of varieties. It is so pocket-friendly in fact that if you don’t want to spend your money on buying containers even, then you can use old buckets, old tubs, old wine boxes or any wooden barrels or anything like that.

You can also make a DIY container and just get going. Also, the materials like soil and other plant essentials are required in less quantity as compared to otherwise thereby adding you to save more money.

8. Easy to adjust the height and therefore prevent backaches

Container Gardening unlike usual lawn gardening doesn’t involve many chores. In case you have some issue or some condition that causes you back pain you can adjust the height of the container by placing them on racks and shelves or simply on any stool.

The height adjustment can help you take care of your back together with your plants. It is helpful to adjust the height of the container for watering, feeding, and even for harvesting.

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9. You can choose the soil medium

In usual lawn gardens, you have to use the soil that is there, but in the case of a container garden, you can mix and match and create a wide range of potting mix in as many containers as you wish. You can create a diversity of different types of plants in different types of soil being clay, red whatever kind of medium you choose.

10. They help in water-saving

Containers don’t consume as much water as the garden ground does. Depending upon the size of the container and the water requirement of plants the water used is very little in comparison.

Much of the water percolates in the ground and thereby adding more water is required. However, the container holds the water in itself according to the drainage holes you have created and thereby saves on water.

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11. Fertilizing becomes easy in container gardening

Fertilizing a container is so easy as compared to fertilizing the whole lawn. Not only do you save on the number of fertilizers because the area gets larger, but also it is very easy to just add in fertilizers in pots and containers.

12. Easies to protect the plant from pests

Pests tend to attack less on containers than they would in open lawns. Containers can be kept indoors and pests can be avoided completely even.

Also if for instance, the containers get any fungus, etc it is easy to clean out the container and stop it from being spread to the rest of the containers.

However, in lawn gardens, there is a possibility that the fungus or any such disease can infect other plants too. There are many ways of protecting your containers from ants, insects, aphids, and other pests.

13. Protection from the change of seasons

For a container garden, you don’t have to be worried about the season change to start gardening or even for keeping your plants healthy.

When there is summer outside and your plants require cooler conditions you can take them indoors and create such conditions in the container itself.

Similarly, in cold weather, you can give your plant the conditions it needs in the container itself by taking it inside or by creating a mini-greenhouse for your containers, etc.

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14. Protects the plants from being trampled

In open lawn gardens, there are chances that animals like your neighbour’s pets can come in and trample your garden and even make it dirty. In container gardening, you can keep your plants protected from such disturbing things.

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15. Harvesting the plants becomes very easy

It becomes quite very easy to harvest in container gardens. It saves you from digging the soil in for root vegetables like radish, turnips, etc that might also damage your crop.

You can easily overturn the pots on plastic sheets and separate the vegetable from the soil and it won’t damage the plant even and you can be saved from all the toll.

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16. Easily Accessible

A container garden is easy and is friendly for all age groups starting from kids to elderly people. It is a great way to have quality time with your family members by contributing little work together doing a productive thing right from planting the seed to taking its care every day till its harvesting. 

17. Change the look of your garden as often as you want

In lawn gardens, it is very difficult to change its look. However, container gardens can be arranged and rearranged as many times as you want. It is not that difficult to sift a plant from one container to the other container or even just put an old container into a new one for changing its look. 

18. Good for green gifting

It’s an ongoing trend these days to give plants to your near and dear ones as good luck charms as it is full of positivity. You can give good plants in beautiful containers as per your liking and spread positive vibes among your friends and family.

The above are the top 18 benefits of container gardening.

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Benefits of container gardening
container gardening

Best soil for container gardening

It depends upon the plant that you want to grow in the container and the soil requirements change from plant to plant. However, ideally, it is considered that soil for container gardening should be well-drained but also should hold moisture content in it.

Well-drained soil will give the roots the space to breathe and if the soil is not well-drained it can create waterlogging in the container causing the roots to rot.

Also, moisture is needed for the plant to grow, so the soil should have the moisture-retaining capacity. In addition to it, the soil should be of good quality to provide nutrients to the plants.

FAQ on Container Gardening

What are the pros and cons of container gardening?

Container gardening has both pros and cons. On the plus side, container gardening is convenient because you can move your plants around to different locations as needed, and it’s great for small spaces. Plants in containers also tend to require less water than plants in the ground, which can be a big plus in hot climates.
On the downside, container gardening can be more expensive since you need to buy pots and soil, and it can be more work since you have to fertilize and water your plants more often than if they were planted in the ground. Also, container-grown plants are more susceptible to wind damage and pests.

Is container gardening better?

Container gardening is definitely a great option for those who want to garden, but don’t have the space or soil to do so. With container gardening, you can pretty much grow any type of plant, and you have control over the quality of the soil. Plus, it’s easy to move your plants around if needed. So overall, I would say that container gardening is a great way to garden, and it’s definitely better than not gardening at all!

Is container gardening good for the environment?

Container gardening is great for the environment because it helps to reduce the amount of water that’s used.
In general, plants in gardens and landscapes use a tremendous amount of water—often more than people realize. By growing plants in containers, we can greatly reduce the amount of water that’s needed for those plants. And since container gardens are often placed near sidewalks, driveways, and other hardscape areas, that means less water is wasted on runoff. So give container gardening a try—not only will you be helping the environment, but you’ll also have some beautiful flowers or vegetables to show for it!
By growing plants in containers, you avoid the need to use chemical fertilizers or pesticides, which can be harmful to the environment. You can also choose plants that are native to your area, which will help to conserve energy and resources. And finally, by recycling old containers, you can help reduce waste and pollution.

What are some disadvantages of container gardening?

Container gardening has a few disadvantages when compared to traditional in-ground gardening. For one, the soil in containers can dry out more quickly than the soil in your garden, so you’ll need to water your plants more often.
Also, since containers are raised off the ground, they can get hotter than the ground during the summer months, which can be harmful to plants. Finally, container gardens generally don’t have as much space for root growth as gardens with in-ground plants, so you may need to replant your plants into larger containers as they grow.

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Final Thoughts

It was a great experience sharing with you the benefits of container gardening. It has so many advantages and I hope you will be fueled after knowing about the benefits to try your hands onto container gardening if not done yet. It is a very easy process to grow plants in containers and so much more rewarding. Growing your own food is an amazing experience in itself.

You can always choose the types of plants that are best suited for you. Whether air-purifying plants, vegetables, herbs, ornamental plants anything you like and enjoy all the benefits of container gardening and in any kind of container you choose. I hope you get motivated to go green and grow some more plants in containers for yourself or even for gifting to your dear ones and spread the joy and ease of nature.