Balcony garden watering system (Top Tips)

Since we have been covering a lot about how you can plant a beautiful garden for your balcony, here is something really important which most of you forget to acknowledge. Having a good balcony garden watering system is a must no matter how small or big it is.

Many of you might be thinking of why do you even need a watering system when you can water it by yourself. Well, there could be times that you have to travel or are not home for long. In that case, your plants may rot or die, and surely you would never want that. So, the watering system is very important no matter if you are home or not.

Balcony garden watering system
Balcony Garden Watering System

You may find several types of watering or drip irrigation systems that you can set at your home or simply buy one from the eCommerce stores. Here are some tips on watering your balcony garden and also some indoor plant watering systems that you can apply in your garden as well.

Balcony Garden Watering Systems

Before we list down the types of the watering system, you should make sure how big or small the garden you have set up. You may or may not need an automatic garden watering system if you have a very less number of plants. So, you can choose from the options below.

1. Water Wicking

This is rather an old-school method but surely one of the best easiest as well. You can do it on your own especially if you have only a few plants on your small garden balcony. 

For this, you would need to have a jar or a small container filled with water. Next up, look for a rope that will be dipped half underwater while the other half would be several inches below the surface of the soil. Make sure that the rope touches the bottom of the container and has enough surface.

Now, as soon as the soil will dry up, the rope will draw water from the container and keep the soil moist at all times. A lot of people have been trying this particular method in their indoor plants and even for their balcony garden especially when they cannot do it every day.

2. DIY Drip System and Spikes

Yes, you read it right. It is very easy to make a small drip system at home that hardly requires any tool at all. Have you ever said small bottles embedded in the pots or simply the soil in loads of garden either be it indoor or outdoor? Well, that is a drip system. And you can do it too in your balcony garden.

Take a clean and empty plastic bottle. Now fill up the bottle with fresh water from the tao or whichever you would like. Next, make small holes near the cap of the bottle and carefully shove it in the soil with the top part inside the soil. 

Or else you can also use watering spikes that are specially built for this purpose. These are placed on the top of the bottles that serve the same purpose as the holes we made. Simply place the spikes on the top and flip the bottle over in the soil.

As soon as the soil will dry up, the water will automatically drop in between the soil keeping it moist at all times. This will be the best method you can apply for your balcony garden watering system if you are planning to go out for a vacation.

3. Plant Watering Globes

We have another tool that you can use in order to water your plants easily. Similar to what we saw in a drip watering system, here we can make use of what we call Watering Globes. These are available on the eCommerce stores that have been owned by tons of users for a good balcony garden.

You can use such globes for watering plants both indoor as well as outdoor placed pots. Instead of using plastic or a glass bottle, you can buy this self-watering globe. It has a glass globe on the top with a hollow spike.

Simply, fill up the globe with water and put the spike inside the soil of the pot. Like drip irrigation, as soon as the soil dries up, the water will trickle down from the hole to the soil to keep it moist.

4. Self Watering Pots

Here is another process that you can try if you haven’t yet planted your balcony garden. So, before your pots or plants, make sure you buy self-watering small pots. The benefit of using such pots is that you can easily water them once and further the reservoir at the bottom stores’ water at the end.

When the plants are in need of the water they can simply use the extra water in the reservoir and no one would need to water the plants for days. This may not be a good method if you already have a garden, rather for all the beginners.

5. Automatic Drip Irrigation System

Now, apart from all the above-mentioned methods, you can simply buy a small machine or irrigation system for your balcony garden watering. The DIY Micro Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit is an excellent and very useful kit for the self-watering system to your house plants or the ones in your garden.

It costs very less and is affordable for everyone who is looking to buy this kit. This kit has a pump, a machine to set timer and duration, and all the pipes and nozzles to set up an irrigation system in your balcony. The set up is very simple and only requires a few minutes. A proper manual will be provided to you so that you can take each step carefully.

Furthermore, to set up all you would need to do is place the pipes connecting all the plants. Connect the pipes to the machine. Place the machine pump in the reservoir to draw water when only needed. And set the timer. Well, that is it. You can take a bucket full of water as the reservoir. You can either use the batteries for machines or simply the USB cable to switch it on.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it bad to water plants at night?

Yes, it is not advisable to water plants at night. As you know that plants absorb water when you water them but they also need to get rid of the extra water so that they can dry off. It can only happen due to heat or during the sunlight.

But watering at night can leave the plants wet or moist for way too long. This can either make the plants rot or create the growth of fungal development.

2. Do I need to water plants every day?

Well, to answer this you need to know about the plants you have planted in your balcony garden. It also depends on the type of weather that will determine whether you should or should not water plants every single day.

So, if you are in the summer season, you may have to provide water every day, since the sunlight and warm weather dry the soil a lot faster than normal.

On the other hand, during pleasant weather, or say winter, it is rather not needed. But make sure you keep checking the plants every single day and water them if you feel they are dried up no matter what the weather or season you are currently in.

Do I need to water plants every day

3. What is the best time to water plants?

The best time to water your balcony garden plants is in the early morning. Well, the basic reason behind this is that all plants at this time are healthy and ready to take in a good amount of water.

It will allow the water to seep through the soil properly for healthy growth.

Also, as the sun comes up the water will start to evaporate and so the plant may not be able to absorb as much water as it should. Hence make sure to water them before 12 PM.

4. How much water does a plant need per day?

There is not a proper measure of how much water a plant needs each day. Every plant has different water needs. Some may require very little while others may require watering twice a day.

Otherwise, since we are speaking about the potted plants in your balcony garden, it may need about at least a liter or less each day.

In summer, the water intake may increase considering the heat, but overall this is what you can estimate for all the plants.

How much water does a plant need per day

5. Should I add nutrients every time I water?

It depends on the plant’s need and the type of plants you are growing. You can choose it to add nutrients to the water every time you are watering the balcony plants. Or last 2-3 times a week.

Your plants need to be fed apart from just giving them water every single day. Also, make sure to use organic nutrients and not any artificial material for the soil.

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Final Words

As we discussed, you need to keep in check with all the watering techniques so that your plants can be well-fed. Some of them we have mentioned above that you can apply easily for your balcony garden watering system.

If you do not wish to spend any money, you can try the rather easiest methods like wicking or watering globes.

Otherwise, if you are going for a long vacation or just for the fact that you do not wish to water them every day. You can buy a small and affordable irrigation kit that will easily be sufficient for around 20 plants together for automatic watering.

You can even set it up inside your home or else it is perfect for a balcony garden.

If you need any help while setting up your garden or regarding any particular plant you have planted, you can leave your query in the comment section. In fact, our readers will be thrilled to know the method you are applying to water your plants so that they can apply it as well.