Top 9 Balcony garden gifts (balcony garden gift ideas)

Gardeners are very particular when buying products for their balcony garden. If you have been looking to buy some balcony garden gifts for your loved one, you need to check out the list we have created that has everything you can select from.

We understand that you may not be an expert in buying gifts when it comes to selecting on for garden lovers. It is not easy especially for those who are very choosy in what they buy and the quality of every product.

So, keeping your budget in mind for the person concerned, we have some homemade gift ideas or simply something you can buy from the web.

Here are some of the balcony garden gift ideas.

9 Balcony garden gift ideas for Garden Lovers

There surely isn’t anything better than giving handmade gifts as we had said. But let’s face it, is it really possible for non-creative people to do something at all? A big NO. So, if you do not want to put your efforts into the gift, you can just buy one from the list below.

1. Gardening Kit Tools set

For the best basic thing that you can think of giving to any gardener are a bunch of everyday tools. Well, of course, the person might be having those already but a little something extra might never harm anyone.

You can buy an entire Gardening Tools Set super easily from the web. This kit contains a pair of gloves, a Garden Organizer Tote Bag, a Plastic garden sprayer, Grass Fork, Transplanter, Rake, Cultivator, Trowel, and Pruning Shears. Each of them is of the best quality and very useful.

Tudoccy Garden Tools Set 83 Piece, Succulent Tools Set Included, Heavy Duty Aluminum Gardening Tools for Gardening, Non-Slip Ergonomic Handle Tools, Durable Storage Tote Bag, Gifts Tools for Men Women

2. Aqua Globes

If you are looking to gift a beginner who has just started working on its balcony garden, giving them Aqua Globes can be an excellent option.

A lot of people are looking to buy these globes to water their plants in the early stage and work out for the best while you are away for a vacation. In fact, it is super easy to use and can water the plants for over 2 weeks.

Hortem Gardening Gloves Medium, Non-Slip Grip Garden Gloves with Soft PVC Dots, Yard Working Gloves for Women Ladies(3Pairs)

3. Watering Can

It does sound odd thinking of giving a watering can to someone. But you are not gifting an ordinary watering can. Rather choosing a while designed and stunning looking can be a perfect balcony garden gift idea.

This watering can, in particular, has a rather antique design which you are going to love as well other than the person you will be gifting to. It has excellent quality and is highly durable. Furthermore, it is made of natural copper for its authenticity.

1 Gallon Galvanized Steel Watering Can with Embossed Design for Outdoor and Indoor Gardening (Green)

4. Hanging Baskets

Another beautiful balcony garden gift that will add aesthetic value to the garden is here. You can buy a stunning-looking Hanging Basket made out of Metal And Resin Wicker. It is highly durable and 14-inches in diameter.

This gift would add more space for the gardener to plant a lot more flowers and grow their balcony garden a lot more than what it already is.

AOMGD 3 Pack Macrame Plant Hanger and 3 PCS Hooks Indoor Outdoor Hanging Plant Holder Hanging Planter Stand Flower Pots for Decorations - Cotton Rope, 4 Legs, 3 Sizes

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5. Hanging Glass Terrariums

Have you seen small glass hangings with small plants in them? If you have one, we call it a hanging glass Terrariums. You can even imagine how beautiful it looks when decorated inside the house.

Similarly, you can buy it too from the web with exquisite designs and very reasonable prices. Balcony Gardens have generally very little space, using such glass hangings will work as a space saver.

Kingrol 3 Pack Glass Hanging Planters Terrarium Container Set for Air Plant Succulent Moss Candle, Home Garden Decor DIY Supplies

6. Seed Starter Kit

If you know someone who has been growing herbs in their garden for quite some time now or anyone who has just started with gardening, we have the best balcony garden gift idea for that person. You can give that person a Seed Starter Kit for the balcony garden. 

This special kit contains premium organic seeds for growing herb plants & indoor gardening. It has Cilantro, English Thyme, Large Leaf Italian Parsley, and Genovese Basil seeds.

Along with you also get Real wood to grow box/gift box, shears, 4 burlaps grow bags w/ waterproof lining, 4 bamboo plant markers, 4 potting soil discs.

SunArea 10-Pack Seed Starter Tray, 120 Cells Indoor Plant Seed Starter Kit, Plant Germination Kit with Humidity Dome and Base, Greenhouse Grow Trays for Seeds Growing with Plant Tags Hand Tool Kit

7. Gardening Gloves

Well, apart from giving an entire kit, if you wish to gift something on a lower budget, you can simply give the best quality gloves.

Every Gardener always requires good gloves while planting the seeds or simply touching the soil. It is an essential tool, hence you can easily buy good quality gardening gloves from the eCommerce stores.

G & F Products 12 Pairs Medium Rubber Latex Double Coated Work Gloves for Construction, gardening gloves, heavy duty Cotton Blend,Blue,3100M

It is available at a low price and could be one of the best balcony garden gifts for anyone.

8. Handheld Gardening Tools

For anyone who has just started working on their balcony garden, that person would surely need some essential tools. So, instead of giving them an advanced kit, you can simply buy a small gardening tool kit that has the most essential handheld tool.

This toolset has three pieces of equipment i.e. Trowel, Cultivator, and transplanter. These are ideal for a variety of tasks including digging, weeding, loosening soil, aerating, transplanting, and more.

MCIRCO 63 Piece Garden Tools Set Succulent Tools Set, 63 Piece Heavy Duty Aluminum Gardening Tools with Storage Organizer,Hand Tool Kit, Manual Garden Kit, Gifts for Father's Day

9. Garden Tool Belt

We have another interesting pick for gardeners. While they may have all the tools they would need for their garden and plants, one thing that they might not have is a good Tool Belt to carry all the equipment while planting the seeds, or watering, or simply cutting out the leaves.

MYH Garden Tool Belt Holster, Adjustable Tool Waist Pouch, Gardening Tools Belt Bag, Tool Pouch for Arts Gardening Utility or Work, Tool Belt for Men and Women

So, you can simply add this to your list of best balcony garden gifts and make your choice as it is very low priced and could be an excellent gift idea.

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Final Thoughts

So, here we are with some selected balcony garden gift ideas that you can easily select from now.

The gift entirely depends on your budget since you can either go for giving a tool kit, seed kit, or an entire bunch of tools depending on how much money you are ready to spend on it. So, before anything, fix your budget.

Next up, sort out all the items that are in your budget and you can afford it. Now, select the one you think would suit you the best. Otherwise, we do have another option for a gift idea that you can try.

All you need is a small pot. Yes, you can paste a printed paper or paint the pot with your hands for an excellent-looking DIY balcony garden gift idea.

It will hardly take about an hour or even a lot less if you know how to paint properly. And there you go. Add some messages in the pot or some tools and create a kit of your own. It can be a fun activity for you too and your loved one would love it more by the effort being put into it. Hope you make a perfect choice.